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Yes,we do.We also help to conncect factories with scarves,clothing,etc.Please keep it in mind that we have no MOQ but these factories have.

We charge a mixed quantity. For example you can have 10 designs to be printed 1 yard each, which makes it in total 10y of the same fabric. So we charge 10y price. But if you have multiple fabrics to be printed, price will be recalculated on how many yardages you print on each fabric.


Everyone is asking these. Have a look and they are super useful.

We start from 1y/design.

We currently ship internationally to Australia, Canada, UK, US and UAE.

We’re working hard to expand across the globe.

As long as your order has not been sent to our shipping and packing department at our warehouse, you can change the shipping address for your order in your account. 

Currently we accept Paypal, credit card and bank tranfer.

The heavier the order is, the more international shipping cost it will be. You can see the shipping cost in the cart page when the address info is completed.


Commonly asked question about shipping

Once the order is done and shipped, you’ll get notifed by email about the tracking number. And you can track it down via the courier website

Sure, no problem if you have a reliable courier. Please let us know the courier infomation and we will pass everything they need for the shippment.

Now mianly DHL, FEDEX to U.S. and Canada. TNT to UAE, UK and Australia.

Currently we accept Paypal, credit card and bank tranfer.

Please feel free to contact us ASAP. It mostly because there’s typo when we send you the tracking numbers.


Can’t wait to get your custom fabric order ?

Yes, the process of fabric printing in our facility is GREEN. There are chemicals used during the whole process and will be disposed. And the final printed fabric is in compliance with importing and government regulations.

It depends. For bulk order, we usually roll the fabrics up and ship them to you. But for smaller orders or samplings orders, you’ll get folded fabric in plastic bags or cartons.

Yes they do. Neither the fabrics nor the inks contain any lead. Other chemicals are in human body safety range. We can provide third party fabric testing if you require that. ( there would be extra charge based on different test items).

We have some fabrics online for printing but still a lot of fabrics remain offline. For the fabrics online, we are offering rayon, cotton, bamboo, CL, French terry, Rayon terry, UPF50+, Atheletic knitting, swimming, polyester, PUL, Vinyl, etc. You can see them on our product fabric page. 

The fabric has been treated with washing and heat shaping in the process. But still there’s normally 2-5% shrikage in warp and weft direction.

It’s based on actual production plan but usually 5-10 days for both custom fabric sampling and bulk order.

Yes, of course. We are based in China’s biggest textile market. We can help to source the specific fabric you want to print on.

Yes, please just order one yard of the fabric you want and we will arrange to print swatches or color maps for you.


Can’t wait to get your custom fabric order ?

Yes, we have our in house designers that can assist with your printing project. But instead of developing a brand new design, we would only help to revise the design and make it good for printing. Most of the occasions, we will assist for free.

It’s now supporting jpeg,png and tif

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